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Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

At Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning we offer professional cosmetic teeth cleanings for dogs without the use of general anesthetic or sedation. When it comes to your teeth, you brush, floss (hopefully 😉) and visit the dentist/hygienist regularly to maintain a healthy smile. But what about your dog? Without regular attention to their oral health, your furry family member can develop bad breath, dental disease and a host of other problems. Trips to the veterinarian can be stressful and costly.  So what can you do? Here at Happy Tails, we will start with a thorough exam of your dog’s mouth to look for any signs of gum disease, loose/broken teeth and growths.
If we do not find any concerns in your dog’s mouth we’ll happily proceed with a teeth cleaning!
If we do find any of the above mentioned concerns we will refer you to your local veterinarian for further care, which means we will only be able to provide a consultation. We do not perform scalings under the gum line, tooth extractions/ repairs or treat gum disease. We follow strict guidelines for cosmetic teeth cleanings. Please visit our pricing page for more information on our rates. We are proud to say we offer the BEST pricing on Vancouver Island paired with top notch service. 🤍

All our furry clients are treated like they are our own. They will receive the utmost care and respect they deserve, and we are always looking out for your pet’s health and well being. While not every animal is a candidate for our service, we have a high record of success and we will always work within our boundaries and the pet’s safety.

Visit “The Spa’w” for a luxurious experience for you and your doggie, located in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre. We also visit  2 local pet salons in Sidney and Brentwood Bay once a month. Visit “Locations” for our upcoming dates in Sidney and Brentwood Bay.

Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning is Registered, Licensed & Insured.

Voted Best Pet Care Service in Victoria 6 Years in a Row by the Times Colonist Readers’ Choice Awards 2018-2023.


Cheyanne & Zoey

Hello, I am Cheyanne and this cute side kick is Zoey, my adopted rescue doggie from Mexico.  Together we own and operate Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning and would love to share a little bit about us and how we earned the title of Best Pet Care Service 6 years in row with the Readers’ Choice Awards (2018-2023).I started my journey with animals and their care when I was 12 years old. I spent my evenings and summer holidays working my way up to be a groomer.  After several successful years with bubbles, clippers and scissors, I transitioned into canine teeth cleaning. It wasn’t long after that, I found my passion and life’s work.I completed my training for Pet Oral Hygiene care in 2012. Then, In 2015, I opened Happy Tails. Back then, I would walk around neighborhoods here in Victoria, delivering postcards about my business and connecting with other local animal enthusiasts and business owners. My persistence and passion paid off and now I am now successfully running The Spa’w, my location in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre.When you and your animal visit the Spa’w, my hard work and dedication to your doggie’s oral health is reflected in everything we do. From local treats to detailed charts of your pets oral health. We do not cut corners or gouge clients with extra costs. This and other business practices is why have been blessed with an incredible client base that has grown into my big extended family over the last 15+ years.I am so grateful for the respect I have earned in my field and the continued growth of my company. So much growth that I’ve recently brought in a couple assistants to help run the Spa’w. Once again thank you for trusting and supporting myself and more importantly, your animals oral health.

Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning removes plaque quickly and painlessly, without the risks of anesthesia. This cosmetic procedure is non-invasive and does not damage tooth enamel. Although there is no age limit, we cannot accommodate dogs over the 80 pounds.

Nail Trimming for Dogs

As an additional service, Happy Tails also offers complimentary nail trims for dogs after their consultation or teeth cleaning. If you don’t trust yourself to do the nail trimming right, let a professional do it for you. Cheyanne will guarantee a painless and stress-free experience for your pet.

What Clients Say

Cheyanne is incredible! She makes the teeth cleaning process for my nervous rescue easy peasy, and is so understanding and comfortable with his anxiety. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my pup’s teeth!

Keyanna S. Keyanna S.

Cheyanne at Happy Tails is wonderful! She always makes our anxious dog feel safe and comfortable during his teeth cleaning. She is professional, efficient and so kind. Our dog’s teeth are always sparkling clean after and the bad breath is gone! We highly recommend Happy Tails teeth cleaning!

Danielle H. Danielle H.

Cheyanne did an awesome job. The whole process was much easier than I expected it to be and I was very impressed with the result. Cheyanne, obviously, has a lot of experience with animals and it shows. She was very kind and gentle with Indy, my 7 lb Pom cross Chihuahua, and the job was done in about 20 min. I’ll have Cheyanne clean Indy’s teeth once a year and I feel safe highly recommending her to anyone

Tomo V. Tomo V.

I am so impressed by the spotless and comfortable space at Happy Tails. Our dog Tickle doesn’t love having stuff done with his mouth but he did great and didn’t even need a break. It was quick, thorough, and now his teeth are sparkling white! I was so impressed by the care given to our pup! Highly recommend.

Nissa W. Nissa W.

Wonderful experience and fantastic customer service. Our Beagle left with shiny pearly whites and a couple of treats Our dog is 13 years old so this is a fantastic way to get his teeth cleaned without the side effects of anesthesia. Looking forward to our next visit.

Ann-Kathrin M. Ann-Kathrin M.